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Threads Ch. 1

First official post, and first decent OF in YEARS! Oh god I can't control my enthusiasm. 
Be gentle, I acknowledge that I have little to no skills whatsoever. I won't quit my nonexistent day job.

[Name] Threads
[Author]  crimsonspiral (Plumei) crimsonspiral
[Genre] Fantasy, Horror, Supernatural, Comedy
[Fandom] Original fiction. >.<
[Characters] Leira - , Christophe -, Analise Fayette, - Borham, (slight mentions of) Peter
[Setting] Early twentieth century in Germany, during Oktoberfest.
[Rating] PG13, T (to be safe)

Chapter I | Invisible Chains

LJ doesn't like my username, and that makes me secretly emo.

Death's Crossing (Preview) Pg. 1, Ch. 1

ACH! I don't like this preview, but people wanted it. T.T I also feel emo because Analise isn't in there yet...I want Analise in there NAO! Wait, shut up, I'm the writer...don't cross this out!

 Name: Death's Crossing (Preview)

Time Period: Early/ Mid 20th Century (1900's)

Setting: Germany, volcanic hot springs during Oktoberfest

Characters: Christophe, Leira (So far)



(Shut up and read it!)

LaVi (Preview) LaVi, Teller of Tales

[Title] LaVi, Teller of Tales  |  LaVi Pt. 2/6



 [Fandom]  D.Gray-man
[Pairing] None
[Rating] K+ 
[Songs] On the Outside | Taylor Swift
[Genre] Friendship, Family, Autobiography (of sorts.)
[Summary] When Lavi feels depressed about his lack of companionship, he vows to destroy the book that the Bookman, his only company, constantly writes in. But why can't he carry out his plan?
[Disclaimer] D.Gray-man and its awesome characters do not belong to me. NOBODY belongs to me. T.T
[Note] This was written in an effort to help me understand Lavi, one of the most amazing characters in D.Gray-man, and ended up going way past what was originally intended. Frankly, I love it...but I'm posting chapter 2/6 before before chapter 1 so you get a better feel for the story. When I post chapter 1/6 I'll re-post this with it. 



Hey! I just started up this livejournal community so that I could post my stuff for you guys to read and comment on. I hope you enjoy it, and I hope I can post some pretty great stuff soon!

Nothing at the moment, sadly, but I can give you a glimpse of what's to come!

LaVi: A bit of a spin on the french words la vie, meaning life, and the name Lavi, which is the D.Gray-man character that the story is about. The story is actually a narrative written by Lavi himself in his own book (kept by the Bookman, naturally) that begins as he suffers from a depression due to a traumatic experiance that he can't remember. With the help of some strange little daydreams and a couple years, Lavi is able to realize exactly what made him who he is as he pens the tale...which leads all the way up to his first meeting with a certain white-haired exorcist that we all know and love.

(Untitled): Although it's in the very early stages of development, this story is an original fiction of mine that follows a young Fate named Eve and her mentor, a cat-Fate named Ross. Together they unwravel a history of rather shady political doings that brought a strange entity called Destinies into being, and rescue Christopher and Analise from the hands of some corrupt angels. Fun stuff. As an added bonus, how many demons does it take to kill a god? I guess we'll find out.

Other than that...ONE-SHOTS!

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